The Show

Studio Spotlite features interviews with recording pros from all levels — from home rigs to professional studios; from commercial studios to podcast desks.

You’ll learn how they do what they do, what tools they use to get the job done, and tips/recommendations for improving your own recordings while working within the limits of your own studio.

Look for product reviews, news about product launches and new tech, and possibly even hear some demos of products being used by the Studio Spotlite team.

The Hosts

Jim Farley is a keyboardist, studio musician and composer/arranger. He has worked with studio equipment since the 1970s. He maintains a home studio where he produces audio and arranges music daily. Jim is graduated with an Associate degree in music engineering.

Rich Palmer is a songwriter, voice-over artist, and audio producer. He is a performing musician and has worked in both broadcast and commercial audio production since the early 1980s. He also maintains a home studio. He is graduated with a Bachelor degree in broadcast journalism.

Both Jim and Rich have been involved in producing and hosting podcasts since the earliest days (way back in 2004/2005). In terms of podcast production, they are old-timers!